Add client details for easy tracking of appointment information. Enter client’s information including address, phone number, email, and lash sessions.


Get rid of paper waivers or expensive waiver only apps with Lash Dash. Easily enter your own customized waiver for clients to read and sign. Lash Dash will store your waiver that was signed in each session description. Every time the waiver is edited the previous version will be stored in previous sessions as they were written when signed while allowing future sessions to use the new edited waiver.


Keep a record of your clients lash appointments with the ability to enter temperature, humidity, preparation details, adhesives, and lash type for future use. Constantly improve clients lash retention by knowing every detail of the session including before and after pictures and session notes.


In every appointment detail the customizable lash map will allow you to enter up to 12 segments of lash length, thickness, and curl type. Each section of the lash map can be moved with the touch and drag of a finger to get the correct section width.


Take before and after pictures right from the app or choose pictures from the photo library. Add unlimited pictures per session. Some lash technicians use this function to track their lash mapping if doing multiple layer lash maps.


Search the client list and contact them through the app via call, text, or email simply by clicking on the correlating information.


Add custom selection options for lash session type, adhesive, lash type, and preparation anytime within the app. Users can also delete added information by using the signature apple swipe left function.


Send an email directly to the app developer and deal with a real person who cares about your feedback or possible issues. We would love you hear constructive criticism about the app and how we at Lash Dash can keep making the app better for our users. We are committed to always improving the app by having a sustained business model utilizing the subscription service through Apple.